Leave of Absence

Students who need to be away from the College for one or two semesters (excluding summer) but wish to maintain ties to the College and resume their studies at a later time, may take a leave of absence instead of withdrawing from the College. If your return is uncertain, or if you will be away for more than two consecutive semesters, you should submit a Withdrawal from the College form. Students who do not return from a leave of absence after two semesters will be withdrawn. Students who wish to request a leave of absence for the remainder of the currently enrolled term must receive written permission from the dean of students prior to the withdrawal deadline as set forth by the academic calendar.

Note: A leave of absence may affect loans. Students that are on an institutionally approved leave of absence are reported as withdrawn to the National Student Clearinghouse as of the date the leave began to signify they are not currently enrolled in classes. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@hood.edu or 301-696-3411 for additional information.

Students do not file a leave of absence form in order to study abroad or at another institution in the United States. Instead, they must file a petition with the Office of the Registrar for approval to study elsewhere.

Leave of Absence Petition and Petition to Study Away or Abroad are available online: https://www.hood.edu/offices-services/registrars-office/services-requests-forms/forms and in the Office of the Registrar.