Independent Study and X-Credit

Independent study includes directed readings; conferences with a supervising instructor; and papers, reports and/or exams. Two kinds of independent study are available at Hood: regular (designated by the course number 375) and X-credit.

Regular independent study consists of a project designed by a student and approved by a faculty adviser with whom the student will work closely during the semester. The number of credits may vary from 1 to 3 according to departmental policies and the design of the independent study. The subject chosen may not duplicate any course offered during the period of the student’s enrollment at Hood. Registration procedures and deadlines for regular independent study are the same as for all departmental courses.

X-credit independent study also is designed by the student and approved by a faculty adviser. However, the subject matter must be related to a class in which the student is enrolled. X-credit independent study is, therefore, added to the student’s schedule after the beginning of the semester (but no later than the sixth week) and is limited to one credit. The grade for the X-credit is independent of the grade for the course to which it is related.

Before registering for regular or X-credit independent study, students should refer to the statement on credit limits for self-directed study in Self-directed Study and Teaching Assistantships.

One credit of independent study requires approximately two hours of work per week plus periodic conferences with the advising faculty.