Graduation and Commencement Participation


Students must take ultimate responsibility for academic planning—of each semester, of each academic year and of degree completion. The Self-Service Degree Progress Report provides all students and advisors with an accurate list of core and major requirements required for the degree. The Registrar’s Office begins monitoring degree progress in the spring of the student’s junior year. Students must meet with their faculty advisors on a regular basis to review degree requirements and plan senior year registrations. Seniors must complete the Application for Graduation in the fall of the senior year. Bachelor degrees are awarded in January, May and September.

Commencement Participation

Students who have completed all degree requirements by the date grades are due for the second semester may participate in the May commencement.

Students graduating in January participate in the May commencement ceremony. Students completing degree requirements in September participate in the May ceremony the following year.

Students may not participate in commencement unless all degree requirements and all financial obligations to the College have been met.