Grade Point Averages (GPA)

The average that appears on all transcripts and grade reports is the average of all grades earned at Hood or through Hood affiliated semester or year abroad programs. Accepted transfer credit is included in the earned credit total and is applied toward the 124-credit degree requirement, but the quality hours and quality points earned at another institution are not calculated in the Hood average. Students participating in a non-Hood affiliated semester or year abroad/away will earn transfer credit for all courses completed with a grade of C- or above.

Each grade received at Hood on the A-F grading scale has a corresponding grade point: A=4.00; A-=3.67; B+=3.33; B=3.00; B-=2.67; C+=2.33; C=2.00; C-=1.67; D+=1.33; D=1.00; D-=0.67 and F=0.00.

Grades with no quality points include: AU, S, U, INC, Z, TR, W

By computing the quality points received for each letter grade, students can ascertain their average or grade point average. For example, a grade of “C” in a 3-credit course earns 6 qual­ity points. Add the number of quality points earned in each course to learn the quality point total. Divide the quality point total by the total number of credits (in courses which have letter grades) and the result is the Grade Point Average (GPA).

The Composite Grade Point Average

The composite Grade Point Average is the average of all college work attempted. All grades earned at Hood and those completed at other institutions are calculated, regardless of whether the course credit was accepted for transfer. The composite average is used to determine eligibility for various honor societies as well as determining Commencement honors.

The Major Average

An academic department may refuse to accept as a major a student whose GPA falls under 2.0 in the discipline. The department may require a student who has declared a major to drop the major if the student’s G.P.A. falls below 2.0. Note: GPA requirements may vary by major.