With instructor permission, a student may enroll in most lecture courses as an auditor. As the term implies, auditors listen rather than engage in class discussions and projects. Auditors attend class regularly but do not write papers or take exams or quizzes.


  • The student receives neither credit, grade nor grade points for an audit; however, the audit does appear on the transcript.
  • There is no limit on the number of courses that a student may audit during a semester. If the audited course or courses cause a student to exceed 18.5 credits, the excess credits will be billed by the undergraduate per-credit-hour fee.
  • It is not possible to audit courses such as creative writing, painting, drawing, labs and other courses where the nature of the activity requires the participation of the student. Students may enroll on a noncredit basis in such courses by paying the current per-credit-hour fee.
  • No changes to or from the audit option may be made after the end of drop/add period.
  • A student may take for credit, at a later time, a course that was previously audited.
  • Part-time students pay a reduced audit fee to audit a course. See Tuition, Fees and Other Charges