The Academic Honor Code and Code of Conduct

Academic life at Hood is guided by an honor system. The basic aims of the honor system are: to encourage and promote a trustful relationship among all members of the College community, to offer students the opportunity to exercise responsibilities and shared governance on campus and to make students more aware of their personal principles of honor.

The academic Honor Code is shared between the faculty, administration and the students. A judicial system of students, faculty and administrators considers and adjudicates violations of academic integrity.

The Honor Pledge reads as follows:

“Recognizing the importance and value of the Hood College honor system, I pledge on my personal honor that I will uphold the honor system for the duration of my enrollment at Hood College. Furthermore, I pledge that I will read and make every effort to understand the concepts of the honor system.”

Social behavior is governed by the Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct are adjudicated through the Office of Residence Life, the Dean of Student’s Office, Department of Campus Safety and/or student review boards as appropriate to the violation. Academic integrity violations are adjudicated by the Academic Judicial Council (AJC), a board chaired by the dean of student success and comprised of faculty, staff, and students. All students retain the rights and responsibilities to report any infractions they witness.