Student Government

All undergraduate, matriculated students are members of the Hood College Student Government Association. The student government at Hood represents the voice of the student body to the faculty and administration and is responsible for overseeing many vital aspects of student life. The HCSGA consists of a student senate, which takes up issues of importance to the student body and enacts legislation; a judicial branch, which is responsible for the academic honor system; and an executive board, which administers the business of the student government and oversees its committees.

The Campus Activities Board schedules, coordinates and implements a plethora of programs and social activities for students. The finance committee allocates the student activities fees to support the administration and programs of the organizations under its auspices. House Forum oversees the governance of the residence halls, working with the director of residence life to implement policies and procedures, while Commuter Council, working with the director of commuter life and student engagement, oversees the Commuter Student Union and its programs. The Academic Affairs Committee has members serving on or observing at many academic committees of the College, representing student views. The Student Life Committee serves as another voice for students regarding individual or group concerns. The dean of students serves as advisor to HCSGA Executive Board, and the provost serves as advisor the Senate.