Commuter Life

Commuter students represent a diverse population. When not attending classes, many commuters spend time in the Whitaker Campus Center, which houses the Commuter Lounge and commuter student lockers. The Commuter Lounge is stocked with a refrigerator for commuter student use, a tea and coffee maker, utensils, cups, plates, bowls and other miscellaneous supplies. Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Commuter student lockers can be checked out from student life at the beginning of each semester. If a student requests a locker and none are available, they are added to a waitlist until one becomes available.

The Commuter Council serves as the voice of the commuter students on campus and provides programming and services to commuter students. Each semester the Commuter Council hosts at least one large event, often in the form of a party, for commuter students to enjoy. The events hosted by Commuter Council often include food or treats, surveys and games. Various members of Commuter Council sit on student government committees and boards, giving voice to and representing commuter interests, as well as other clubs and organizations on campus. Members of the Commuter Council help to keep the Commuter Lounge stocked and encourage conversation among commuter students in order to develop ideas to improve commuter life on campus. Any new ideas regarding commuter life are encouraged and can be brought to the attention of any member of the Commuter Council, including its advisor.

Any student can participate in Commuter Council by contacting the advisor or any member of Commuter Council. Meetings are held on a bi-weekly basis throughout the semester. There are several positions within the Commuter Council including the chair, vice chair, secretary, publicity coordinator, treasurer, Student Government Association representative and board member. The primary responsibilities of the Commuter Council board members are to serve as advocates for commuter students at Hood College, to attend meetings and to assist in the coordination of commuter events. The Commuter Council members serve as representatives for the commuter student population and assist commuter students as they balance academics, athletics, student organization participation and work in order to receive a full college experience despite not living on campus.