Information Technology, M.S.

Program Director: Ahmed Salem, Ph.D.;; 301-696-3731

The Master of Science in Information Technology degree is a 30-credit program of graduate study for professional development. It is intended for:

  • Persons holding bachelor’s degrees in computer science or a related field who will enter the program at an advanced level; and
  • Persons holding bachelor’s degrees in a discipline other than computer or information science who are seeking preparation for careers in these fields.

The program is designed to enable students with varying entering levels of competency to meet their individual educational needs.  This program is offered in a standard, face-to-face delivery format on-campus, as well as a fully online format.  Students enrolled in the online program will complete courses with an "OL" designation in the course number.

It is intended for students interested in pursuing or advancing their careers in management of implementation, maintenance or integration of information technology in a variety of environments.  Students completing this program will be well equipped to utilize existing information technology and tools to help organizations plan and solve business, engineering or scientific problems with the use of technology.  The program prepares students by providing them a rigorous theoretical and applied background in decision support systems, databases, systems engineering, networking and security.  

Application Requirements

Students applying to the Information Technology program must submit all official transcripts and a résumé/CV that provides educational and professional experience with specific information about mathematics background, programming background, if any, and technical skills must be submitted. Applicants should also provide a statement of purpose indicating their motivation for choosing the program and the goals they hope to achieve through completing it.

For additional admission information, see Graduate Admission.

Program Requirements

Foundation Courses

The Master of Science in Information Technology requires completion of foundation courses designed to provide the appropriate background knowledge. Students with undergraduate degrees in computer science or a related field may apply for exemptions from some or all of these prerequisite courses. Any foundation courses required are in addition to the 30 credits required for program completion.  The foundation courses are:

IT 510Computing Hardware and Software Systems


CSIT 512Elements of Computer Programming


Information on exemption from the prerequisite courses may be obtained from the Department of Computer Science.

Core Requirements

IT 514Contemporary Issues in Information Technology


ITMG 516Introduction to Data Analytics and Business Data Mining


IT 518Systems Engineering and Integration


IT 530Applied Database Systems


CSIT 548/CYBR 548Telecommunications and Networking


CSIT 555Information Systems Security



The remaining courses used to complete the student’s program are elective courses that are selected in consultation with the adviser. Elective courses must be chosen from IT, CSIT, or ITMG prefixed coursework.  Certain CYBR courses may be approved by the academic department.  Students are eligible to use their electives to pursue the Cybersecurity Certificate in conjunction with the master's degree.  Interested students should make the indication on the graduate application for admission or complete the Certificate Declaration form ( after matriculating as a student.  

Program Options

There are two options for the program. The first requires that the student complete 30 credits of graduate coursework beyond the prerequisite courses. The second requires that the student complete at least 24 credits of graduate coursework beyond the prerequisite courses, plus complete 6 credits of one of the following: thesis or fieldwork project. Students must get permission from the department and their adviser before enrolling in any of these 6-credit options.

IT 580Master's Thesis Preparation


IT 585Master's Field Work Project