Educational Leadership Program, M.S.

Program Director: Daniel Shea,; 301-696-3766

The Educational Leadership program provides students with a comprehensive foundation in the principles and practices of school administration and supervision. The program offers two options: A Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership and an 18-credit Educational Leadership Certificate for those who hold a master’s degree in a related field. This program is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for students to earn the Administrator I license. Students may also take the ETS School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) exam to earn the Administrator II license. The program is designed for:

  • Certified teachers who wish to have a master’s degree and be certified in administration and supervision.
  • Persons holding a bachelor’s degree in education who seek a graduate degree to enhance their opportunity to work in the fields of administration and supervision.
  • Teachers who want a graduate degree with a broad background in the fields of administration and supervision
  • Teachers who have a master’s degree and who seek certification in administration and supervision

Program Requirements:

The Educational Leadership Program allows graduate students to complete their Administrator I and II certifications by selecting one of the following two options: 

  1. M.S. in Educational Leadership Degree Program

    Students enrolled in this track must complete 36 credit hours of required courses to earn the MSDE Administrator I license. Students may request that six credits from another institution be accepted after a review of the prior courses to determine if they match courses in the Hood College program.

  2. Educational Leadership Certificate Program

    Students enrolled in this track must have a master’s degree in a related education field and must complete 18 credit hours in six required courses to earn the MSDE Administrator I license. Students enrolled in this program are not eligible to transfer in any credits. 

As a prerequisite requirement to Administrator I certification in Maryland, the student must qualify for a Maryland State Advanced Professional Certificate in addition to the Educational Leadership program. Both the M.S. in Educational Leadership and the Educational Leadership Certificate program lead to the Administrator I license.

Application Requirements

As part of completing the online application, applicants must submit an official transcript reflecting the highest degree conferred, a copy of their State of Maryland Educator Certificate, and a letter of recommendation from their principal/supervisor. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview during which time program expectations and requirements are explained. As part of the interview, the applicant will be asked to provide a writing sample by responding to a writing prompt relating to school leadership. An applicant for the Master's program may request that up to six credits from another program be transferred into the Hood program in accordance with graduate transfer course policy.

All Educational Leadership graduate students are required to have regular access to a U.S. P-12 classroom throughout the program in order to successfully complete assignments, including various course assessments and the capstone action research project.  Applicants to the program who are not current classroom teachers must submit evidence that they will have regular access to a school setting with the approval of the school principal. Applicants also are responsible for meeting any school and/or district requirements for conducting research in the school setting.

For additional admission information, see Graduate Admission.

All 12 Courses for the Master's Degree; Final 6 Courses for the Certificate

 View Educational Leadership certificate requirements here.

Course Sequence

EDUC 502Technology for Teaching, Learning & Leadership


EDUC 577Introduction to Educational Research


EDUC 581Research-Based Teaching,Learning & Assessment


EDUC 582Educational Philosophy in a Diverse Society


EDUC 514Administration of Student Services


EDUC 578Educational Leadership and Group Dynamics


EDUC 513School Law


EDUC 583Principles of Curriculum Development & Appraisal


EDUC 584Systemic Change Processes for School Improvement


EDUC 586Principles of Educational Supervision


EDUC 589School Business & Personnel Administration


EDUC 587Elementary School Administrative Internship



EDUC 588Secondary School Administrative Internship


The last two courses should be taken after all other courses.  The internship course must be in the last year of the program.

During the internship year, candidates must have three (3) successful evaluations (at a proficient or advanced level) from the mentor.

Program Completion

Interns in both programs are required to pass their courses to earn the MSDE Administrator I license. Students who pass all their courses and then pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) are eligible for the MSDE Administrator II license.

Program Follow Up

Program completers in both programs will complete the following activities:

  1. Assessment of Dispositions and Program Exit Survey at the end of the yearlong internship

  2. Program survey one year after program completion.

Candidates enrolled in the Educational Leadership Certification program are exempted from the surveys based on the possession of their earned master’s degree in a related education field.