Academic Standing and Warning

A student whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) is 3.0 or higher is in good academic standing, which is required for graduation. If a student’s GPA drops below 3.0, he or she will be placed on academic warning. The GPA must be restored to 3.0 within 9 credits completed from the term in which the GPA fell below 3.0. The 3.0 average may be restored by repeating courses or by taking additional courses. There are no limitations to the number of times a student can fall below 3.0 and restore his or her GPA. However, no more than 3 courses (9 credits) beyond those required for the degree can be used to raise the GPA and all requirements for the program must be completed within the time limitation policy.  If a student is at risk of being academically dismissed, they can request to transfer to another degree program more suitable to their academic background and needs (see Changing from One Degree Program to Another section).  Any credits earned in the original program that will apply to the new program will be calculated in the cumulative GPA.  As part of Hood's Fresh Start policy, grades from the original program that are not applied to the new program, will not be calculated in the cumulative GPA, though they will remain on the transcript for historical purposes.