CYBR 560 Cybersecurity Capstone

Prerequisites: CYBR 521, CYBR 534, CYBR 535, CYBR 532 or CYBR 556, or permission of the instructor

The course should be taken on the last semester of the student’s program. The purpose of the semester-long capstone is to provide students the opportunity to work with a faculty or industry mentor on a cybersecurity research topic. Students are expected to demonstrate their mastery by generating serious, in-depth, scholarly and professional level output. The capstone is designed to be inclusive of any possible expression of research and scholarly output in cybersecurity, ranging from the practical development of systems and software to the theoretical analysis or interpretive contribution to a research topic. In all cases, the capstone should demonstrate the student’s summative expression of what they have learned in the MS program and should be evidenced, at minimum, in the form of a significant, capstone document. This document is expected to be in level and depth comparable to peer-reviewed publication.





As Needed