BIFX 572 Computational Genomics Practicum

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of "B-" in BIFX 504 and BIFX 552 or permission of the instructor. 

This course provides a practical, hands-on experiential learning opportunity for Bioinformatics students and emphasizes experimental design and biological interpretation of results. Students will apply a wide variety of concepts and skills that they have learned throughout previous courses to perform a full start-to-finish analysis and interpretation of reallife RNA sequencing data. And will compare the methods used to for RNA sequencing analysis to those used for microarray and metagenomic (microbiome) studies. Over the course of the semester, students will utilize best practices for conducting robust, reproducible research and will generate a series of workflow scripts that can be adapted and reused to perform future work. This course serves as the capstone for the Bioinformatics Certificate and is a recommended practicum for Bioinformatics Masters’ students.




Fall Semester