BIFX 553 Applied Data Science for Bioinformatics

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of "B-" in BIFX 552 or permission of the instructor.

Students will continue to develop the data science skills learned in BIFX 552 while gaining a deeper understanding of statistics and machine learning by performing real-world analyses of biological
data. A deeper understanding will be gained of what can go wrong in data analyses, and principles of reproducible research will be emphasized. Students will use the highperformance-
computing cluster using R as well as important application programs for processing sequencing data. A large portion of the class will be devoted to processing high-throughput sequencing data (RNA-Seq, whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, variant analysis, metagenomics). Additional possible topics are genomewide association studies (GWAS), phylogenetics, and the analysis of protein motifs and protein domains.




Spring Semester