BIFX 504 Advanced Molecular Bio for Bioinformatics

Prerequisite: BIFX 501 or waiver of BIFX 501 or permission of instructor

The accelerated use of next generation sequencing means that the analysis of sequencing data is one of primary job duties of most bioinformaticians. The DNA/RNA sequencing boom is now being followed by a renewed focus on metagenomics as well as high-throughput protein sequencing as analytical techniques. In this course, students will gain detailed knowledge of the biology that underlies these and other techniques. By understanding the full range of transcripts made by cells, the mechanisms that regulate transcription, and the details of RNA transcript processing and translation, students will learn how the underlying biology affects the sensitivity and correct interpretation of key types of bioinformatics assays, including microarrays, genome-wide association studies, and sequencing of DNA, RNA, proteins, and the microbiome. The fundamentals of good experimental design will be emphasized throughout the course.




Offered Fall Semester