Humanities, M.A.

Program Director: Corey Campion, Ph.D.;; 301-696-3227

The Master of Arts in Humanities is a 30-credit interdisciplinary program.

Application Requirements

Students applying for the M.A. in Humanities program must complete a formal essay of no more than 500 words, discussing how this degree relates to previous academic experience and occupational or personal goals, and identifying a proposed area of study within the program. Given the importance of written work in the humanities, the quality of the essay’s content and structure carries considerable weight in determining admission to this program. Official transcripts from all institutions attended must be submitted. While the cumulative G.P.A. is a significant factor in the application review, a candidate’s record in humanities courses will be closely examined. Some students may be required to provide additional information, such as a recommendation letter and/or a phone interview with the program director.

For additional admission information, see Graduate Admission.

Program Requirements

Required Proseminars:

All students must successfully complete the following proseminars, offered on a two-year cycle with one course offered each semester.  Substitutions for these courses are not permitted and transfer credit will not be accepted as exemptions.

FA 501Art and Music Proseminar: Aesthetics, Culture, and History


HIST 501History Proseminar


LIT 501Literary Studies Proseminar: Tragedy, Ideology, and the Tradition of Literary Criticism


PLRL 501Philosophy and Religion Proseminar


Total Credit Hours:12.0


Students must complete four or five 3-credit elective courses.  Students completing the Thesis option will take four elective courses.  Students completing the Portfolio option will complete five elective courses.

HUM 550Directed Readings


HUM 560Humanities Colloquium


HUM 597Humanities Internship

1.0 - 3.0

HUM 599AGraduate Writing for the Humanities


Discipline-Specific 500-level course


One graduate level course in a non-Humanities field

Total Credit Hours:12.0-15.0

Final Projects

In collaboration with their academic advisor(s), students will complete either a final portfolio project or a thesis.  Substitutions for these courses are not permitted and transfer credit will not be accepted as exemptions.  They will complete one of the following courses:

HUM 594Humanities Portfolio



HUM 580Humanities Thesis


Total Credit Hours: 30.0