Exceptions to Academic Policies

Exceptions to academic policies as stated in this catalog or elsewhere are rarely made. A student who believes an exception is justified may petition the Graduate Council through the Associate Registrar for Graduate Studies. The petition should include: 

  1. The student's name, Hood ID number, email and phone number; 

  2. The expected date of graduation;

  3. The specific exception being requested and the reason(s) for the request; 

  4. A timeline of completion, in the case of time limits and/or academic performance issues;

  5. Letters/statements from the academic adviser and program director addressing whether or not they support the petition.  In the case of thesis or project petitions, a letter from the thesis or project adviser is also required.

The petition and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the Graduate Committee on Student Petitions. The Associate Registrar for Graduate Studies will notify the student of the Committee's decision. The student may appeal the outcome to the Dean of the Graduate School. A student may not petition for reinstatement more than once.