Graduate Courses

About Graduate Course Offerings


Course Offerings

Each course indicates when the course is offered.  Courses indicated as first semester are offered in the fall semester and those indicated as second semester are offered in the spring.

500-599 Courses numbered in this way designate graduate courses.

600-699 Courses numbered in this way designate doctoral graduate courses.

The discipline to which the credits listed below are assigned will depend upon the field that the student selects as the area of concentration:

570 Seminar See individual department listings for descriptions. (3-6 credits)

575 Independent Study Reading and/or research in a selected field. An approved title for the independent study must be submitted with the registration forms. Prerequisite: permission of the chair of the department.

A maximum of 6 credits may be applied to a degree program. (1-6 credits)

579 Independent Research Project

580 Master’s Thesis Preparation Supervision of the master’s thesis. Required of all degree candidates who select the thesis option. (6 credits)

585 Master’s Field Work Project Supervision of the master’s field work project. Required of all degree candidates who select the field work project option. (6 credits)

Optional 3-Credit Field Work Project An optional 3-credit field work project is available for students who want to apply theories and techniques learned during their master’s study in a field work setting.

598 Special Topics (Reserved for double-numbered courses.) See individual departmental listings in current class schedule.

599 Special Topics A special topics course may be offered either within a single department or on an interdepartmental basis. The content and methods of such courses depend upon the interests of the faculty and students. (1-6 credits)

Hybrid: Hybrid courses at Hood College require up to 40% delivery of content online with the remaining percentage of content delivered in-person.

Online: A course that is offered 80% (or more) online and 20% (or less) in‐person is considered an online course.