Computer Science, M.S.

Program Director: Xinlian Liu, Ph.D.;; 301-696-3981

The Master of Science in Computer Science is a 33-credit degree program for persons seeking to enhance their professional qualifications and stature through graduate study in computer science. Individuals who graduate from the program will acquire knowledge and develop problem-solving skills that prepare them to hold a variety of scientific and technical positions in the area of computing applications. Graduates will also be prepared for further work at the doctoral level.

Application Requirements:

All official transcripts and a résumé must be submitted.

For additional admission information, see Graduate Admission.

Program Requirements

Foundation Courses

The foundation courses represent background knowledge and skills necessary for successful completion of degree requirements. Some or all of the foundation courses may be waived by the program director, based upon an analysis of the student’s previous work. A student holding a baccalaureate degree in computer science will normally be granted exemption from, but not graduate credit for, all foundation courses.  Any foundation courses required are in addition to the 33 credits required for program completion.

MATH 505Discrete Math


CS 508Computer Organization and Design


CSIT 512Elements of Computer Programming


CS 519Advanced Data Structures


Degree Requirements

A student must complete 33 credits beyond prerequisite courses, including 15 credits of Core requirements. The Core courses represent the general body of knowledge and skills that all students in the program are expected to master.

Core Requirements

CS 520Algorithm Analysis


CS 524Principles of Software Engineering


CS 528/CS 428Artificial Intelligence


CS 564/CS 464Operating Systems


One of the following courses:

CS 561/CS 461Computer Architecture


CS 571/CS 471Programming Languages: Their Design and Compilation


Students must complete 18 credits of elective work, which may include a 6-credit thesis (CS 580), 6-credit field work project (CS 585) or a 6-credit software engineering project (CS 595).  All elective courses must be chosen from CS or CSIT prefixed coursework. Certain, pre-approved courses by the department may also be chosen from the CYBR program.