Philosophy and Religious Studies Department

Professor: David Hein, Karen Hoffman (chair)

Associate Professors: Stephen Wilson

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers two majors: religion and philosophy. The department also offers minors in religion and philosophy. Five minors are co-sponsored by the department: African Studies, Classical Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Medieval Studies and Renaissance Studies. The solid liberal arts foundation provided by either of these majors is a good beginning for a career in almost any field, including law, medicine and business.

Philosophy and religious studies faculty are distinguished scholars and teachers who have extensive knowledge of the history of philosophy and religious studies, philosophical and religious ethics (theoretical and applied), the religions of Asia, comparative religion, American religious history, the Bible and the Judeo-Christian tradition, as well as the impact of philosophy and religion on culture, politics and public life.

Writing across the departmental curriculum: Departmental faculty strongly believe that students who take religion and philosophy courses should not only increase their knowledge but also improve their writing skills. Reading, thinking, writing and intelligent discussion are the principal means by which students engage with the subject matter of courses in religion and philosophy. In their written work, students will reflect clear thinking in clear writing. What students say cannot be separated from how they say it. Faculty, therefore, will assess students’ papers on the basis of style and grammar as well as content.

Programs Offered: