Art and Archaeology Department

Professor: Frederick Bohrer, Joyce Michaud (interim chair 2014-15), Jennifer Ross

Associate Professors: Genevieve Gessert (chair)

Assistant Professors: Martha Bari, Ryan Browning (visiting), Gary Cuddington (visiting), Leslie Wallace (visiting)

Gallery Curator: Ryan Browning

The Department of Art and Archaeology offers a range of studio art, art history, film, art education and archaeology courses that prepare the student for graduate study or for a career in various professions. In addition to concentrations in art history, archaeology, studio art and art education, the department also offers three minors.

Art and archaeology faculty are active professionals who frequently participate in conferences, symposia, archaeological projects and regional, national and international exhibitions. The department is closely linked to the community of Frederick and to the cultural centers in Washington, D.C., Baltimore and New York. Invitational art exhibits are held throughout the year in Hood’s Hodson and Whitaker Art Galleries, bringing to campus professional work from a variety of artists and representing a wide range of media from fine arts to communication arts to computer-generated art. In addition, the gallery provides space for a variety of exhibitions of student work.

Facilities: Art classes are held in the Tatem Arts Center, which provides studios for design, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. A darkroom houses color and black and white developing equipment for film. A computer lab provides classroom and work space for digital photography, digital art and photojournalism. The ceramic arts facility consists of a handbuilding/sculpture studio, a wheel room, lecture area, plaster mixing room and cone-6 glaze lab, kiln room with a variety of electric kilns, five full-size and three test kilns. The Hodson Ceramic Studios provide studio space for graduate students, a graduate-level classroom and a cone-10 glaze lab. Gas-fired kilns are located in the kiln yard outside the Hodson Ceramic Studios.

Programs Offered: