Art and Archaeology Major with Art History Concentration, B.A.

The art and archaeology major with art history concentration introduces students to significant works of painting, sculpture and architecture, and helps them develop creativity, critical judgment and historical awareness. The major stresses art history, which places works of art in their historical, cultural and artistic contexts. It also offers the student experience in the concepts, methods and materials of archaeology and the history of film. Studio art, providing direct experience with design, drawing, painting and other media, enriches the student’s understanding of the creative process and is also an important component of the curriculum. Course work in studio art, as well as in art history and chemistry, is also essential for students considering a career in conservation.

For art majors, Hood’s location near Washington, D.C., and Baltimore is especially valuable. Field trips to the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Dumbarton Oaks, the Walters Art Museum and other collections allow students to study major works of art firsthand. Internships are available with most of these museums and with advertising agencies, design studios and cultural institutions such as the Library of Congress and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. In Hood’s Hodson and Whitaker Art Galleries, students may participate in the planning and installation of exhibitions by serving as gallery assistants in ART 300.

The concentration offers students a broad perspective on themes fundamental to the humanities. It also prepares students to pursue careers in museums, galleries and other cultural institutions, and provides a basis for graduate work in art history, museum studies, conservation, archaeology and other fields. Students are encouraged to take related courses in history, literature, foreign languages, music, religion and philosophy. Those who plan to earn an advanced degree in art history or archaeology should take French or German in preparation for graduate school. The department strongly suggests that majors spend a semester or year abroad.


The following are required:

ART 220History of Art I


ART 221History of Art II


ART 306Writing for Art and Archaeology


ART 470/ART 570Seminar: Topics in Art History & Archaeology



ARTS 101Design


One additional course in studio art (ARTS)


Four additional courses in art history (ART)


Total Credit Hours:31.0

NOTE: Three of the four additional courses in art history must be at the 300-level or above and cannot include the following: ART 300, ART 335, ART 370 and ART 399.

Total Credit Hours: 31.0