5-Year Dual Degree (B.A./M.S.) Program in Environmental Science

The Department of Biology offers a 5-year, dual-degree program for motivated, academically talented students. Within the 5-year period, students complete the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts major in Environmental Science and Policy and the Master of Science in Environmental Biology. Due to the condensed nature of the 5-year Dual Degree program, interested students are strongly encouraged to plan their coursework with their faculty advisor during their first semester at the College.

The program is designed for students to undertake a major graduate research project the summer of their fourth year in order to complete their Master’s program the following summer. Students accepted into the program are given permission to take up to three graduate courses (9 credits) during their junior and senior years to complete the program, which may be applied toward the degree requirements for both degrees.

To apply, students must have a declared major in Environmental Science and Policy and a 3.5 GPA at the time of application. Qualified undergraduate students in their junior year should apply for admission to the ENV master's program via the graduate online application. Students are encouraged to meet with the ENV program director prior to the application process.

Transfer students may apply for the degree program after the first semester of their junior year. These students may be admitted into the accelerated program, but will usually need at least one additional semester of graduate coursework in order to complete both degrees.